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你的內在其實很強大 You are stronger than you think

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挑戰級別:中級 挑戰徽章:成功達人 挑戰形式:書寫任務 自責、愧疚、彌補,是我們內心很巨大的三股力量,我們的人生方向會不自覺地朝著這個方向前進,因為自責而產生愧疚,因為愧疚而出現彌補,因為彌補而去行動,去努力,最終就是在填補內心的缺口。 所以,夢想的真相是什麼?其實答案呼之欲出。 你想擁有自由自在的人生,追根究底找出源頭,你便能毫無設限的去做任何想做的事,你的心不再被封存起來,卻不知自己為何而努力,為何而奮鬥,夢想才能走出框架和制約,盡情的展現和飛翔。 Challenge level: Intermediate Challenge badge: Successful challenger Challenge task: Handwritten challenge Self-blaming, guilt and compensation – these are three powerful processes in our inner-self, processes that guide our lives at an unconscious level. Self-blaming creates guilt, which in turn creates an urge to compensate. Due to the urge to compensate, we are motivated to take action and fill the space in our inner-self that is missing. Therefore, what is the true purpose of your dream? The answer is easily revealed. We are all looking for freedom, looking for the cause of this desire. To unlock the powers of the inner-self, and access them, find out why we are struggling and why we strive to rise beyond our boundaries or limitations. We are looking to learn to fly.






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