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Slow walks x 30 days

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30 minutes for 30 days. This is different from sitting meditation. In these thirty minutes, you are not looking to "empty yourself", but to "expose yourself". Take upon the perspective of the observer and record your reactions: 1. Breathing 2. Heartrate 3. Mood and feelings 4. Thoughts and processes that come and go 5. Other physical reactions to the practice These 5 observation points will allow you to observe information you've perhaps ignored on the day-to-day. Who knows, these information could be the very key to unlocking the next change. By slowing down, your brain will adjust its brainwaves automatically. That, combined with nature's gifts around you (trees, sunlight, a breeze etc.), you relax and see clearer. After we complete a 30 days cycle, you may not immediately see a clear difference yet, you have been transformed. You are now able to transcend beyond problems you face on the day to day, things that used to bother you for two weeks on end can now be put aside after a day. When you are able to set aside your emotions, you will gain control over your life. This is a training before you can start to create with your mind. Only by knowing your neutral can you know when something is added or removed. Only then can you find miracles.





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