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新愛行公益基金會 企業關懷專案

Your staff will do their best
Anywhere Anytime

A company with a sense of belonging

Let us help you to get back the hearts and minds of your employees

A person who devotes himself to work must have a strong force behind them.

Desire to prove oneself

The company can provide them with the vision and hope they want, allowing them to express their ideas, prove their own and achieve without any restrictions.

Work hard for the one you love

They have loving family in their hearts, and they have common goals with each other. The power of love pushes them forward and makes them worry-free.

Work hard for a better future

They have dreams and plans in their heart, they are not afraid of challenges and difficulties, They have the courage to take responsibility, and constantly surpasses, and are willing to pay for his dreams.

Reasons why employees go all out

The company gives people a sense of belonging, which can be trusted and relied on like a home.

Let employees have no worries, as long as someone can help protect their family, they will go all out.

Provide opportunities and space for self-learning and growth, improve the antagonistic relationship between the workplace and family, and use the company as a stage for self-realization.

We have a completely objective and neutral counseling organization to help employees improve themselves, reduce unnecessary personnel disputes in the workplace, and maintain normal work progress and performance.

The relationship between work and family

Everyone's deepest desire is to get happiness, so they work hard and hard, and a company that can provide happiness will definitely retain the hearts of employees.

Understand what employees think

The misunderstanding and confusion of most people, public affairs and private affairs, will affect each other for a person, especially when a person faces public affairs with selfishness, neither public nor private can successfully complete his work.

​ Take care of the hearts of employees

Employees' hearts are not stable, no matter how good their ability is, it will affect their performance and lose their due level. Don't let them face it alone. Your heart will be exchanged for more valuable feedback.

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