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新愛行公益基金會 家庭療癒教育計劃

Family Healing Program

Current Situation Analysis

Family, the place to nurture life, as well as the environment to grow the future social pillars. Following the change of social patterns and the improving of living standards, a family needs double income to maintain the basic expenses, and the children are placed in the nursery for growth. The relationship between parents and children is - as long as the child has enough food and drink, a normal day care, the focus of the parents is to make money to give the child sufficient material needs, and it would fulfil the responsibility of being a parent, thinking that the child only need to live without worry is happiness, and ignore the child’s mental growth.

As the child grows up, are the parents taking part of his life in his memory? Do the parents care for his needs emotionally? Would the parents try to understand what the children are thinking about? Are the parents focusing on the child's grades and homework, and totally don’t understand what a child really wants in heart?

Issue Perspective

Psychologies have studied - If the father is absent during the growth of the child, it will affect the choice of future life direction, the development of self-confidence and self-esteem. The relationship between the mother and the child will affect emotional management, emotional belonging, loving and being loved. We believe that these are the foundation of being success and having happiness. The child will be facing academy, profession, career, relationships, marriage, family…...all of these mentioned are required to have a sound mind to solve the issues.

However, the family structures today have taken away the most important growth stage from the hands of parents.Couple with misplaces values, we have heard from countless cases that he largest gap in our hearts comes from the original family, even though many of the are already the elites of the society with extraordinary achievements, but they cannot truly feel their own integrity, and it is difficult to have a happy life. What do people pursue in their lifetime?

Family function

Home is a safe haven, a source of the sense of security and belonging. Regardless which stage of life we are in, we will all encounter various challenges - home is a place for us to repair our body, mind and soul. It unloads the tiredness of the day with a nice dinner, a talk with each other and keeping each other company. Home is for the adult and even more important for the children, especially before the children have developed the ability to deal with emotions. Home provides the comfort, support and guidance of parents and has great influence on children. However, in the modern family forms, what will greet the children when he or she comes home?

  • Parents who only care about homework and grades

  • Parents who are busy making money

  • A large empty home

  • Family members who argue loudly and in a bad mood

What kind of adult will the child grow into?

Constantly chasing money and achievements regardless of the cost of harming others, values that prioritise interests just to have approval of others; neglect of inner emotional needs because of the desire to be loved and treat oneself and others with emotional blackmail, and willing to sacrifice everything for achievements. This social problems and melancholic tendency caused by these issues had severely harmed the harmony of the society, and also consumed a lot of social resources that cannot be estimated.

The Solution: Educate a large number of healthy parents

No matter how great the achievements a person has, there will always be an empty gap in his or her life that cannot be filed with money and fame when a person is unhappy. If we desire a harmonious, happy and stable society, the easiest way is to start with the family education. Parents are the cornerstone of a family. Parents with sound minds with quality emotional management skills, balanced values, accepting and open minded. The key is to cultivate fearlessness to failure, courage to accept challenges, and have a springing source of love in their hearts. Children who are curious about love, willing to explore and taking risks.

A child who was supported and accompanied by the parents growing up would learn how to make himself stronger when facing various challenges, because he or she has a strong spiritual power to experience himself and prove himself. The child will not evade challenges. When he or she grows up, he or she can give the same support and encouragement to others, lead more people to live out the value and meaning of life and become a person who could generate positive energy for the society.

On the contrary, children who did not receive the support of their parents, are constantly suppressed, controlling, demanding and cannot truly experience themselves in the process of growing up. The lack of self-confidence and self-identity could easily lead to bullying or be bullied by the other and become the problem of the society. It is the loss of empathy and empathy to others or a serious psychological state of self-sacrifice that are not only the family problems, but also a burden to the enterprise and society.

Therefore, it will be a very positive influence to society by educating the parents who are willing to grow and change, thus, to bring everyone around us to improvise the off-balanced phenomenon and develop the society into an improving hormonal, civilized world.

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