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從心開始的世界 Start anew from your heart

  • 14Days
  • 8Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


挑戰級別:中級 挑戰徽章:挑戰成功⑥ 挑戰資格:會員及志願者 挑戰任務:3個階段性任務 挑戰對象: ①想提升內在力量的人 ②想運用內在力量改變人生的人 ③想擺脫日復一日,重覆輪迴生活的人 ④想提高解決問題能力的人 ⑤想走出慣性模式,學會創造的人 「心」跟「大腦」最大的差異是什麼,你知道嗎? 人類受科技和文明進步的影響, 演變成邏輯性的思考模式, 卻漸漸忽略了人是感情的物種, 必須依靠情感能量才能完整生命的樣貌。 在這個挑戰中,我們將提供你一些生活操作的方法進行練習, 讓你對「心」的運作模式有更完整的認識與了解, 並從操作中,取得實際的經驗和領悟, 建立你對「心」模式的信心, 慢慢學會使用「心」的力量, 創造隨心所欲的人生。 Challenge level: Intermediate Challenge badge: when successful Challenger requirements: Member or volunteer Challenge mission: 3 steps Challenger: ① People looking to empower and discover their inner strength ②People looking to make changes to their lives ③People looking to break the wheel, step out of the cycle of toxicity ④People looking to improve on problem solving ⑤People who would like to change their behavioural pattern. Do you know what is the greatest difference between the “heart” and the “brain”? People have been influenced by technology and tend to use logical thinking, yet often underestimates the fact that humans need emotions as a species. Our lives can only be complete if we are able to access our emotions fully. This challenge will provide you with tasks from our operating systems, to allow you to get to know how the “heart” operates. From the tasks, you will gain experience, and build up your trust towards your “heart”. Let’s slowly relearn to rely on our emotions and intuition to create a fulfilling life.






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