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Free mental health counselling

Lovecore Public Welfare Foundation is providing this service as we believe that achieving your personal goals and healing from your family of origin is a right everyone deserves. In these sessions, our mental health counsellors will work with you to formulate an individual intervention plan and guide you through its execution.

What is Mental health Counseling?

Counselling is a term that conjures a lot of images and stereotypes, and people who are affected by these misconceptions often miss their chance of seeking help. Globally, after the pandemic, we realize that mental health is a much broader issue that anticipated. We decided to launch our services online to further our reach to service. If you are hesitating whether or not counselling is a good choice, you can try from our online platform, give yourself a chance to observe its effect objectively. 

When does one need mental health counselling?

When you are being commited and serious on your path, there will be inevitable crises that arises. If you feel you are facing situations similar to any of the below, we are here for you and ready to support:


  1. A steady relationship collapses suddenly, you lose focus on your career and you feel your life plan has been derailed. 

  2. A major career failure than propells your family straight into financial crisis, causing a huge burden.

  3. Your child grows to be a bully and you face with fines. You wonder, where did you go wrong in your parenting?

  4. A supervisor gives you warning for losing focus at work, and you know it has been because a senior member of the family has gotten ill, a constant bickering between family members takes its toll. 

  5. Adolescents can be cruel, social problems become a focus and drags their emotion down to a depressive episode. As a parent, you are at lost what to do.

  6. You wonder if it is worth working at a relationship that has long lost its luster, and finding yourself thinking that perhaps ending things could be the least painful route forward.

Think about it, your life goals and dreams, do they stop just because an obstacle appears out of the blue? Everyone understands that a life without hardship is unrealistic, but often times it is the fact they come so unexpected that makes us feel apprehensive. It is precisely these moments we must muster the courage, to break through. Yet during these moments of courage, could we have perhaps put down our hopes and dreams for a more suitable time, then leave them in the dust? Eons later, we look back in regret, perhaps even in shame. 

How does mental health counselling help?

No matter what happens, you need accompaniment and guidance, because when things happen, you might need support to find the lessons, to learn it well and let it become a strength inside you. This type of relationship is beyond sitting by someone's side and listening, but a professional service that allows you to regain direction with a systematic progressive perspective.


Lovecore Public Welfare Foundation provides up to 4 counselling sessions completely free of charge with a designated counsellor. Working collaboratively, we will guide you to challenge or make changes in your life to regain control self confidence and most importantly, power. Over over twenty years, we have been servicing people from all across Asia. Each person who joins as a volunteer case may find something to be learnt from these sessions. If you are are facing something unanticipated, you are welcomed to make use of our services here to help you find your way again, back to the life you want and deserve. 


Free Mental Health Counselling Service

This is a free service for duration for 4-6 weeks, a complete intervention plan designed for each individual that books our service. Trainee counsellors will be guided and supervised by Certified / Senior counsellors during the sessions to ensure quality service is provided to the public.


If you have the following problems, please do not hesitate to book and get help: emotion regulation, parenting issues, life planning, motivation to achieve goals, self doubt, social relationships... etc. 

  • Volunteer requirements: Ages 20-55 years old 

  • Counselling duration: 6 weeks maximum, dependent on case progress. 

  • Online counselling: 40 minutes per session via Zoom. Dependent on client's needs, intervention methods and goals will vary including cognitive restructuring, deepening their understanding of themselves, or support building resilience, increasing confidence etc. 

  • Service: Discuss during session about the presentation. Clients are expected to comply with intervention tools given by the counsellor for the service to take effect.

Clients will be asked to complete pre-assessment survey and post-assessment survey for their quality of life. This information will be taken anonymously and mutually agreed to be used in a study for the C.H.O.S. counselling approach. During the data collection, Lovecore Public Welfare Foundation will reserve rights to protect our intellectual property including uses of the counseling tools provided, intervention method and others. Confidentiality is highly prioritized at our organization, we will protect the identity and information collected from clients during the counselling service. Clients are not to share details of the intervention plan publicly apart from information that is authorized to be shared.  


Clients must agree to comply with the intervention plan for each week of service. If they are not compliant, their right to participate in the counselling plan will be revoked without further notice. 

Kindly be punctual. Let our team know in advance if you would like to reschedule or delay each session, we ask you to respect our team's efforts and time. 

Thank you for joining our project. Looking forward to your metamorphosis in the next 4-6 weeks! 

​Pre-assessment for mental health counselling

We look forward to seeing your growth in the next 4 weeks of mental health counselling. Before the service begins, please kindly let us know your current situation so our counsellors can more accurately tend to your needs. Thanks again for your participation. 


World Health Organisation, WHOQOL: Measuring Quality of Life


Transfer of information

Volunteers' personal information will be used by Lovecore Public Welfare Foundation internally, for designated staff members. Lovecore Public Welfare Foundation will not rent, sell, transfer or reveal any personal information about the volunteers to anyone or organization, unless:

  1. The third party is a service provider to Lovecore Public Welfare Foundation;

  2. The volunteer specifically requests the information to be transferred;

  3. The volunteer has given consent;

  4. In cooperation to investigating or preventing illegal activities, any suspected fraud, or threat to other people's personal safety.;

  5. In accordance to legal procedures and legal government warrants, or policy requirements.

Purpose for collecting personal information

Lovecore Public Welfare Foundation will use the personal information you have provided to create an individualised mental health experience for you. the information may also be used for events, courses, services and donation etc. marketing use. Volunteers can withdraw, or change the contents of their consent at any time, including receiving information regarding promotion and marketing. This is a required information in order for service to commence. 

Your observation on your quality of life In the last 2 weeks

Please choose the most suitable choice for you. If you have any hesitation, please answer according to your first reaction. Please use your own standard, thought and truthful feelings to answer the questionnaire.

None; Sometimes: Less than half of the time; Occasionally: Half or more than half of the time; Always: every other day; All the time: once a day or more.

1.Do you find life enjoyable?
2. Do you find life meaningful?
3. Can you focus your attention?
4. Do you feel safe in your daily life?
5. Do you feel energized in your daily life?
6. Can you accept your appearance?
7. Do you have enough resources to satisfy your needs?
8. Are you receiving information that are meaningful to you in your daily life?
9. Do you have a chance to engage in leisure activities?
10. Are you satisfied with your sleep?
11. Are you satisfied with your ability to handle daily tasks?
12. Are you satisfied with your work performance and ability?
13. Are you satisfied with yourself?
14. Are you satisfied with your social life?
Are you satisfied with your sex life? (Even if you are not currently engaging in any sexual behaviour, please rate your satisfaction with the present situation.)
16.Are you satisfied with the support you receive from your friends and peers?
17. Are you satisfied with your place of residence?
18. Do you experience negative feelings? (e.g., depressive mood, despair, anxiety, worry etc.)
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