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Our Vision

Construct a peaceful, beneficial, and altruistic society

It has been accustomed in human history that we fight for the living in this world. Although everyone has an ideal of living in the Utopian in hearts, the reality overpowered the dream. Having a society that is selfless and peaceful is just an empty talk for thousands of years.


Regardless, there are still many people with faith working hard and wishing one day the dream could be accomplished, and how about you? Do you have the same expectation about the future of mankind like us?


Everyone could be selfish, meanwhile the vision of benefiting society has also been constructed for hundreds of years. We understand that the most difficult issue is the cognition of altruistic values today.


What is altruism?


We are one world. If we stand at a higher place to vision our behaviors, allow the value of every life to increase, and care for the broader expectations, while we are profiting ourselves, we could also take responsibility for our doings. Based on the foundation of the creator of lives, we give plays to the truth, kindness, and the beauty of life. This is the soul of altruism.


Everyone aspires to have a peaceful society, thus everyone shall do their part, and such a world will not be only a slogan. It’s the heart and the power of heart that creates the peace, balance and health of the future; it is the source of the lives. Starting from the education of knowledge, passing on the new value of benefiting the society, increasing the vision and the prospect of selflessness, while increasing the ability of self-healing, enabled us to protect ourselves while facing challenges. On the other hand, we are building a complete exercise, focusing on the mind, body and spirit. We will establish models for the society to attract positive force that could impact the mankind. 

以愛為核心 與愛同行


  • 提倡全民對心理健康的重視
    在當今快節奏、高要求的世界中,心理健康已成為一個日益重要的議題。 基金會意識到倡導心理健康的重要性,因為它經常被忽視或忽視。 基金會透過闡明情緒健康的重要性,打破圍繞心理健康的刻板印象並鼓勵公開對話。

  • 提升大眾的心理健康素質和強化內在力量
    基金會的核心目標之一是提高社區內的整體心理健康素養。透過提供可用的資源和教育材料,基金會致力於為個人提供應對複雜的心理健康所需的知識和技能。 透過工作坊和研討會,引導人們認識自我,促進與內在自我的更深層的聯繫,培養他們的內在優勢。

  • 推動心理輔導普及化,鼓勵儘早進行改善與輔導

基金會是希望的燈塔,培育一個優先考慮心理健康的社區。 透過其多方面的方法和堅定不移的奉獻精神,創造一個重視和支持以愛為核心的新愛行。

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